Important Files

Ways the PPI was mis-sold

Find out more about the most common ways the payment protection insurance was mis-sold to determine whether or not you are in the same category.

Documents required for a case

Our experts will need some documentation from you in order to start a case and recover the mis-sold payment protection insurance. Find out what you need.

Documents we can get ourselves

While you do need to provide some details and come up with a few documents, there are other things we can get ourselves by contacting the lender. Find out what.

Papers to have us represent you

You will need to prepare some documents in order for us to represent you, get the required details and even back you up if you have a case. Here is what we need.

How to spot the PPI yourself

Interested in finding out whether or not you paid for PPI yourself? There are a few ways to do it, yet you have to go through some documents. Here is what to look for.

Our actual contract

Obviously, you will get a comprehensive contract for working with us and having us represent you. Everything is crystal clear and transparent, but it is still worth going through it before calling us.

Unable to call? Drop your contact details and we will reach back to you

We understand that not everyone may be able to call us. It is perfectly fine – we will give you a call then. We do need your details though. We will get back to you within minutes only.