PPI Reclaim

PPI Reclaim Service – Reclaim your PPI Today

If you have taken out payment protection insurance on a loan or credit card, we can claim back these premiums, plus interest. Many of these policies were mis-sold, which means that you are entitled to reclaim any premiums you have paid in to date, plus interest where applicable.

We can handle the complaints process on your behalf, which means that we will contact your lender to initiate the claims process, draft a strong statement of claim on your behalf and demand the refund of the premiums you have paid to date. We know how to present claims and how to calculate how much is owed to you. Once an offer comes in, we then ensure that it is fair and reasonable and inform you of the outcome.

Making a claim does not affect your credit rating in any way. Many thousands of people have now been compensated for mis-sold payment protection insurance and with claims averaging around £2,000, it is worth checking whether you have taken out a payment protection plan as there is a strong likelihood that it may have been mis-sold to you.

Get in touch with us today and see if we can assist you with your claim and obtain a refund on your behalf. We operate on a no win no fee basis whereby we charge 25% plus VAT of whatever we recover on your behalf and this is only payable once the compensation claim has been brought to a successful resolution.